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Discover the NEWS2 Reference Badge Buddy Card: Your all-in-one tool for the National Early Warning Score. This isn’t just a medical pocket card – it’s a gateway to empowered nursing and vigilant patient care. Seamlessly fitting into your badge buddy, it’s your instant reference for NEWS2 insights, a true nursing companion.

With our Nursing Reference Cards, you’re not just learning; you’re mastering. These aren’t just resources; they’re your trusted allies in education. From novice nursing students to seasoned healthcare professionals, our cards offer a concise yet comprehensive understanding of patient assessments and vital signs.

Imagine the confidence of having this nursing education resource at your fingertips, enhancing your skills and enriching your patient interactions. Step up your patient care game with this NEWS2 Reference Badge Buddy Card – where knowledge meets practice, and every second counts.

What is included in your purchase?

NEWS2 Reference Card in PDF in 2.125 inches wide by 3.375 inches, you will receive this card on multiples on a page US letter too.

How it works?

  • Purchase desired product and receive instant access to download the files
  • You will receive an instant download PDF file, with an exclusive Google Drive link to access all the reference cards.
  • Easily print multiple copies at home, your office or your local print shop as you prefer, or export it as a PDF and distribute it by email
  • Once the printing is complete, remove the printed cards from the printer and check that both sides have printed correctly.
  • Fold the cards along the center line, if necessary, and trim any excess edges if needed.
  • Your double-sided card is now ready to use!

Important, please note

This listing is for a digital product. No physical product or printed material will be shipped. Upon payment, you’ll receive in your email a download link where you can save and download the files for this product instantly, and print at your convenience.

File Extractor (Zip Files included, So you will need a file extractor to extract the zip. Winrar is a good tool for that which you can use for extracting files).


Studyinnursing will not be held responsible for any issue related to the usage or the content of these forms.

No refund

Due to the nature of these products, all sales are final and no refunds can be given under any circumstance. I am not responsible for any printing errors, so please double-check the sizing, colors, bleed lines, etc. Also, note that there is little color difference between seeing on the monitor and printing on paper.


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